London Townhouse

This Project shows a Layout that spans an entire London home. The client required lights covering every type of room, as well as indoor and outdoor lighting. This projects highlights, Pleolight’s ability to create a consistent on stylish layout whatever the project.

French Villa

In this featured project, we installed a track system throughout a dressing room and Bathroom.

The arise magnetic track system is shown here to be a perfect solution to getting light in all necessary areas while still being sleek and customisable.

Co. Dublin Home

For this project, our client wanted to highlight and illuminate the beautiful features of their bathroom.

With this in mind, we decided to integrate LED Strip into eras of interest and used additional AZIR 35 for light from above. This project highlights the versatility and variety that can be achieved with the Atlas 240 LED Strip

Co. Wicklow

The client wished to draw attention to the feature spiral staircase of this home.

We added Atlas COB to each step as well as the crimped wall entering the stairs to create a beautiful, indirectly lit staircase.

London Apartment

For this project, we collaborated with OL Design to supply and design a lighting schedule for a four-storey home.

Our ATLAS 240 Tape is used prominently throughout the home and is featured on an illuminated map of the world design piece. Another feature wall design in the home stars the AZIR 35 in a tubing mosaic composition shown below.

R&D Offices

For this project, Huawei had Pleolight design layouts for several spaces varying in function.

Our lighting ranges easily transform to enhance these offices spaces, be they board rooms, receptions, office spaces or dining area.

Warehouse Offices

For this project, our client needed the wide empty office space to be bright and open with vast light washing the space.

A vast array of the Commercial range was used for this project. Eri pendents washed walls and displays while provided overhead coverage for the office.

Co. Clare Cottage

For this project, our client wanted abient lighting to illuminate his hallways. This was achieved with SKIRT profile and High output LED strip.

This then contrasted with the wide-open living areas lit with embedded strip lighting & hanging ALCOR pendents.

Apartment Stepped Entrance

With this project, our client needed a system to illuminate the staircase with lighting yet wanted no overhead lighting.

So instead, we implemented embedded our aluminium profile into the underside of the handrail and filled it with ATLAS 240 LED tape.