Downlight Fire Kit

FF109 Downlighter Covers are fire and acoustic rated covers or fire hoods designed to fire rate downlight fixtures and reinstate the performance of ceilings when penetrated by recessed downlights. The covers are available in various sizes to suit a wide range of lighting products over and above those covered by fire rated downlights.

The covers are simple to install and can be retrofitted into position, providing effective performance even if the downlight is removed and replaced. They prevent combustible materials from coming into contact with hot downlighters – thus minimising fire risk. The covers are ventilated to allow heat to disperse from the light, but in the event of a fire the intumescent material expands to seal off the ceiling cut-out and vent holes.





  • Can be fitted from above or below the ceiling
  • Cover is ventilated to reduce heat build-up
  • Provides thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Simple fixing method – can be fitted in seconds
  • No screws, drilling or support required – saves money
  • Available in sizes to fit a range of mains and low voltage downlighters
  • Suitable for suspended, plasterboard and concrete ceilings
  • Restores and maintains integrity of 30 and 60-minute fire rated ceilings.
  • Fire Tested for up to 120 Minutes
  • Acoustically Tested



Suspended Ceiling and Timber, Steel or Concrete Beam / Joist protected by plasterboard Assessment No.: CHILT / A02105 Rev B / Chiltern Int. Fire
Fire rated ceiling / floor systems protecting timber joists, steel joist systems and concrete floor: AS1530.4 Assessment No.: FAR 2032 / BRANZ Fire Rating: FRL 60 / 60 / 60

Luminaires, Luminaire Assemblies and Luminaire Enclosures Certified for Fire Resistance: UL R25019

Tested to ASTM E119, UBC 7 1, NFPA 251, ASI A2.1


FF109 Covers have undergone acoustic testing in separating and internal ceiling / floor constructions and have been shown to reinstate acoustic insulation in line with Approved Document E, following the fitting of downlights.
Certificate No.: 213942 / BRE